Ahmadinejad versus Oxford University and Neda

The Iranian Embassy Objects to the Queens College’s Neda Scholarship

The Queen’s College venerates the memory of Neda Agha Soltan; the Iranian Government blames it on Arash Hejazi!

5 Responses

  1. Their stupidity seems to have no end

  2. Fariba says:

    Dear Arash, Thank you for your courage in defending the truth.

    Today in a short video, I saw the faces of a bounch of “basiji women” chanting lies about Nedas death and about you.
    How desparate they should be, lying open to the public! Some of them tried to hide their faces behind placards. Were they ashamed of something???!
    May be, but then it hit me that those poeple have no principles. I only feel sorry for those few children in that black crowd. They were not aware of what was going on around them and the worst thing is that the adults around them are a bounch of liers. Poor kids.

  3. Fariba says:

    Apologize for wrong spelling in my last comment. It should be: a bunch of liers.

  4. Kaveh says:

    Now that everyone knows the truth it makes no difference what they say or what they do, let them chant and let them think anyway they want. If someone doesn’t want to know the truth, this is not our fault. Let them live in their world of dirtiness full of lies. We’d better keep them inside their own made border not to have them mixed with the rest of the world. The world is better to kept uncontaminated.
    Down with dictator.

  5. maahtu says:

    The moment CBS reporter asked about Neda’s murder, Ahmadinejad showed the photograph of Egyptian woman. Now, the Egyptian women’s killer has tried to and has been sentenced to life in prison. Thus, Ahmadinejad should be comfortable, so it is time to follow Neda’s killer. But they call witnesses to prosecute, instead!