O World! Enough hesitation! It’s time to act

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Hundreds of newspapers have been shut down in Iran; international reporters have been banned; hundreds of Iranian journalists are in prison; internet has almost been shut down; the sophisticated filtering system has blocked the contact of the Iranian people with the world; the police is massacring people in the streets in broad daylight and then blames the violence on the people themselves; the government is giving out lies after lies; all the minority ethnic and religious groups are suffering from the official oppression; prisoners have been tortured, raped, murdered; the Basij militia shoots unarmed civilians in the streets; students have been expelled from the universities because of protesting against tyranny…

While you, people of the world, are celebrating the New Year by embracing your loved ones with joy, while you dance to the Christmas tunes, the young people in Iran are dancing to the macabre music of the bullets and embrace batons and teargas. While you are hugging each other and wishing a happy new year, mothers in Iran are forbidden to shed tears for their children who were brutally murdered by the police trucks running them over. The people of Iran are alone, they are broken, they are tired, but determined to go on.

Do you think this has nothing to do with you? Do you think that you only need to worry about your domestic affairs? Do you think that saying a few words of condemnation will redeem you from your global responsibility towards human rights? Is this the global citizenship you preach?

This is the most dangerous State in the world. Hesitate in acting and you will see how this government, rooted in lies, will destroy your own children. What do you expect? Do you think that a totalitarian regime that does not show mercy to its own children will have pity on your people? Do you think that this beast will stay calm and watch you? Wrong! Hesitate and see.

The people of Iran have spoken with their torn throat and through the last sparkle of life in Neda’s eyes; they have written their vows with their own blood on the pavements in the streets: They want to be global citizens, they resent terrorism, tyranny, lies, wars, nuclear weapons… and they have died the most brutal deaths for speaking out. Why are you watching silently? Do you think you are safe? Do you think that this cancer will be contained inside the borders or Iran? Do you think that the rotten claw of this grim reaper will not reach you? Wrong. Hesitate and see.

It is time to act. There are people drowning in Iran. Do not believe the lies of the Iranian government. This government that denies all these brutalities is the same that denies the Holocaust, that claims that there are no homosexuals in Iran, that Neda Agha Soltan was killed by CIA, MI6 and BBC, and there is freedom of press in Iran.

How to act? We do not want any violence. This government is falling. Just do not support the government. Do not recognise the current government of Iran. Do not negotiate with them – How can any negotiation with someone who tells nothing but lies and is willing to break any promise, be fruitful? Do not be deceived by their lies. Expel the Iranian ambassadors and diplomats. You will lose nothing and will gain everything by supporting the future of Iran. Hesitate, and you will be run over by the evil machines of this rotten government. Hesitate, and you will be weeping over the graves of your own children.

It is time to act. Hesitate, and when you regret your hesitation, it will be too late.

Arash Hejazi, 30 December 2009

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  1. me and mr b says:

    we are here for the people of Iran.

    if the voice of the people and journalists were not so powerful tyrannical governments would not lock up people and kill journalists.

  2. bahram says:

    100% agree
    america-england…should stop supporting the criminal islamic regime

    death to islamic republic in it entirely

  3. isabela says:

    it is a huge shame for all countries tobehave as if nothing is going on, and here in Brasil our president receives this monster as if he is a wonderful personality.

  4. Pari says:

    Dear Arash, Thank you very much

  5. Zhinh says:

    How we ,as citizens of free countries , can help you ?? Demonstration ? or what ?

  6. amir says:

    All the above is just a lie! A big lie. Everything is OK in iran and just some green as*holes are fuckin themselfs. by the way, who the hell is arash hejazi !? f*ck him anyway.

  7. Anooshiravan says:

    Dear Dr. Arash,
    It was just awesome. I forwarded it to many of my english speaker friends. It think it would be helpful if you yourself put the permission of distribution of this article at the beginning or end of the article. By the way, please be very careful and take care of yourself. You directly saw of one of the most shocking terrors of this regime. With your interview with BBC about late Neda you prove that you are one of the most square shooter youths of our beloved country.

  8. Reza says:

    I say hi to all green people of the world!
    Arash’s speak is so real.
    Iran’s unrecognize government says:neda killed by arash hejazi,because he saw neda’s death!
    Iranian people in very dangeruos state!
    World can help us with anything they think!
    Protest in they own streets,when government go to they contry,protest and . . .
    Just iranian people should not damaged!

  9. Miche says:

    Dear Arash thank you for posting this compelling article…For all those that have their freedom of speech we must voice our support for our brothers and sisters in Iran. Government abuse of this kind is unacceptable and needs to stop..write your senators and congressman or anyone in public office ..together we can all make a difference..

  10. Amirhosein says:

    I salute you.

  11. semite5000 says:

    Remember: The large majority of Palestinians love the current regime and would quite happy to see it stay in power.

    I hope once the Iranian nation is free they will help to foster peace between Israel and the Palestinians instead of fanning the flames of the conflict. A great way to heal the wounds caused by the current regime’s Holocaust denial and threats of genocide would be to host a peace conference in Tehran. Imagine the international respect this would generate for Iran.

    Until this dream can be attained, I give my heartfelt support to the brave people of Iran.

  12. sorena says:

    Dear Arash, you have been very helpful to our green movement through revealing the truth about Neda’s martyrdom. Thank you for everything.

  13. Hamed says:

    Great job, this the least we can do outside Iran !

  14. Ramin says:

    Future is bright… and Not too far.

  15. mani says:

    I salute you.

  16. saeid says:

    arash jan merc babate in matalleb ama doonya faghat harfe hichkas joozkhode irania nemitoonam haghesshoono az in aarab begiran …. agar ghara be axoolamali bood ke….rastesh fesharaye eghtesadi be keshvar ham gheshre zaifehamearoo daghoon mikone ….
    kash rahe halle digeyii bood ….agha asllan in sazmane mellall che zemanate ejrayyi dare …in hame koshto koshtar be kojashoon bar khorde …. baba adami ke be mellate khodesh rahm nemikonebe keshvaraye digeam rahm nemikone….kash yeroozi azad beshim

  17. Matt says:

    I fully sympathize, and I think that has clearly anything to do with us.

    I cannot stay in my sofa, behind my TV screen, wthout feeling deeply my hatred against this horror and my admiration for this iranian people who are ready to do everything for their liberty.
    It’s the most furious scream of revolt. Solidarity and courage of people who are fighting against the devil. I can promise you that from our occidental countries, we are with you, behind you.

    My question would be following your text there : how can I help you the best I can ? What can be the actions as european citizen I can do ?

    I’d like we help you in your fight, and wanted to share how to give it, how to be with you actively.



  18. behrooz says:

    Dear Arash…many thanks for ur efort for green movment Regards

  19. Nasrin says:

    Dear Arash your passage was one of the strongest passages that I have seen so far !
    Thank you for your great effort !

    I have always admired your work and translations for Paulo Coelho’s books but after seeing your face as one of the witnesses of Neda’s death and your courage to tell the truth my level of admiration was raised to the highest!

    What you did is one of the most important ways that we as Iranians outside Iran can do!

    It bugs me so badly when I see some Iranians living outside Iran resist wearing a green wristband!

    And to Amir ignorance won’t get you anywhere in life ,join the truth before it’s too late! And your language is one of the many proofs of showing others who is telling the truth and who is not!

    Peace for all,

  20. shaw says:

    thank u arash jaan… well said !

  21. I understand that Israel has it’s own lobbyist group in washington (AIPAC – gee I wish the citizens of our country had a lobbyist group of their own), and that Israel also receives over 2 billion dollars from the USA annually. Perhaps throwing this insulting monkey wrench into the peace process, was just their way of saying “thanks”. After all this, there are still some people who say “they’re our closest ally in the region”. Want another tired old saying? …With friends like these…and I am Israeli!

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