Mr. President Obama: It’s the Persian Gulf. Please don’t step on a nation’s dreams – an open letter to President Obama

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60 Responses

  1. Faryad Rahayi says:

    Dear Dr. Hejazi,

    Though I appreciate your letter to Obama as an Iranian who is proud of my heritage, I’m questioning the timing of such a letter. To emphasize the “Persian” Gulf when there are so many more pressing concerns like the ongoing human rights abuses, murders, torture and rape in Iran, seems untimely. Don’t you think? Isn’t this the same objection that the Iranian regime would raise while telling Obama not to meddle in Iran’s affairs? Why haven’t you addressed Obama’s silence on human rights violations in Iran and asked him to take a stand? The Iranian people do need every support they can get, and are disappointed with Obama for his strategic silence on this issue. We can’t go it alone, as we haven’t been able to make a difference without international support in the last 30 years.

    Just curious…

  2. maryam says:

    پسرم افتخار می کنم که نسل جوان کشور من از دانش و بینشی این چنین برخوردارند.
    آرش عزیز گرچه شما قربانی اشتباه ما در انقلاب شدید وما نیز پس از حبس و شکنجه و تبعید به گوشه ای متروک فرو افتادیم؛ اما قهرمانانی چون تو پرچم پیروزی را به دوش دارند و خون ندا و نداها و آرش های دیگر ضامن این پیروزی است. به امید آن روز که همه باهم نابودی جهل وجور و فساد را در ایران جشن بگیریم.
    پایدار باشی

  3. sara says:

    امیدوارم یاد بگیریم به خاطر برچسب زدن دیگران پا پس نکشیم … با هیچ برچسبی چه شوونیستی و غیر آن نام خلیج فارس عوض نخواهد شد… من خوزستانی هستم و به نام پر شکوه پارس می بالم بی ترس از ته لهجه عربی و نیک می دانم حاکمان مستبد نیاکان مرا به سخن گفتن غیر پارسی مجبور کرده بودند … من پارسم با اینکه گویشم با اجبار و در طی قرنها عوض شده است.. زنده باد ایران و ایرانی با هر زبان و گویش و پر آوازه و همیشگی خلیج تا ابد پارس بی واهمه از هر برچسبی …

  4. Hamed Rad says:

    اراجیف این شخص هامون نام، ارزش وقت و انرژی گذاشتن نداره
    مثلی در آذری هست که این جور مواقع می گن:
    سگ پارس می کنه
    کاروان هم به راهش ادامه می ده
    حالا این آقا بگذارید بگه
    سپاس از شما برای نگارش این نامه
    پاینده باشید

  5. Farzaneh says:

    The comments of someone who posted under the name of “The Great Green Movement” doesn’t make sense to me. It’s like saying most people who live in a particular city in North America are Chinese; therefore it is right to change the city’s name to Beijing or another Chinese town.
    Solely because some or even the majority of people living in Southern Iran are of Arab decent, does not make Persian Gulf Arabian. This is not a matter of racisim but defending one’s country against the intruders.

    Some people such as “Faryade Rahaei” questioned Dr. Arash Hejazi as to why he is sending Obama a letter educating him about history and the origins of the Persian Gulf instead of asking him to meddle in our people’s green movement.
    Well, people have their own different views. I personally do not think that the U.S. or any other country should meddle in our yearn for freedom. One cannot dictate to others regarding how they think/what to ask the U.S. President.
    Also, Neda’s story or the green movement of Iran AND the issue over Persian gulf are two seperate matters. We cannot let other nations conquer our land just because we have other issues to fight for such as the elections or human rights.
    I strongly agree with Dr. Hejazi. Thanks for the letter. As many comments say, you represent 70million Iranians. Keep going.

    • hejazi says:

      Thanks a lot for your comments, Farzaneh. I believe all pieces of the puzzle have to be put together. We cannot ignore all other pieces and just stick to one.

  6. Mahdi Alrostami says:

    آرش عزیز سلام
    نامه شما رو به رئیس جمهور ایالات متحده آمریکا خواندم. من به عنوان یک عراقی این اقدام شما رو تحسین میکنم. این حق مسلم هر انسان آزادیه که از داشته های با ارزش و میراث نیاکانش در برابر دست درازی های بیگانه دفاع کنه.
    شما بهترین و زیباترین کاری رو که میتونستید انجام دادید.
    به امید روزی که دنیا پر از عدل و داد میشود.

  7. Mike Neill says:

    Very good letter, but like other replies I think there are far more important issues going on in Iran right now to be worried about the politically correct naming of the ‘Persian Gulf’.

  8. khosi says:

    DR arash hejazi for presidency of a free iran.

  9. lintangcahya says:

    I deeply admire what you did for neda and for your country. I admire you as a person who would stand up and sacrifice yourself in order to create justice. I admire you as yourself, your bravery, your dedications to this world.
    I believe you can change this world and bring your country to the peace they had longed for years.
    And yet, I got the point from your letter, when you’re there sacrificing all you have, giving it all your best, just to bring out a tiny ember of hope, with a quite disrespectful statement a person can broke down all of your efforts.
    I believe when you fight for others justice so many times in your life, justice will come to you. And so, it will.
    All of your sacrifice will not be forgotten and left behind. We will all fight for it. For the sake of a nation, for the sake of a world.