Mousavi and Karroubi, the opposition leaders in Iran, apply for permission to rally in Tehran, in support of the protesters in Egypt

Just two days after Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran claimed in the Friday Prayers on 2 February that Egypt’s insurrection, and similar popular revolts across the Arab world, are inspired by Islamist political ideology and have their origin in the 1979 Iranian revolution that overthrew the Shah and thus encouraged the protesters in these countries.

These remarks caused surprise among the Iranian opposition and dissident, how suffered — by the direct order of Mr. Khamenei — unleashed crackdown on their peaceful protests to the rigged Iranian presidential elections in 2009, which led to the death of hundreds during the protests and many afterward, under torture in the Kahrizak detention centre, and the arrest of thousands. They never permitted any of the rallies of the Green Movement, called ‘rallies of silence’ to be repeated. Hundreds of the reporters were imprisoned, several dissidents were hanged, and the opposition leaders were threatened, many of which are still in prison.

Now, in an ironical turn of events, following Mr Khamenei’s endorsement of the movements in Egypt and Tunisia, Karroubi and Mousavi, the Green Movement leaders, have applied for a rally on 14 February 2011, to show their supports for the democratic movements in the Middle East, including Egypt and Tunisia.

We will have to wait and see how the Iranian government will react to this application. If they approve it, then the Green Movement will have a unique opportunity to once again demonstrate its multitude and rejuvenate its solidarity. If the government does not approve the rally, it will be a proof to the world that the intentions of the government of Iran are not democracy and peace in the region, but to claim power in all Middle Eastern countries and rule Iran with Iron fist.